Thursday, December 8, 2011

Needlestick Injuries, Legislation and More...

Needlestick Injuries (NSI)

* "Today alone over 2,100 health care professionals will incur a needlestick related injury." [NIOSH Study, 1999]
* There have been 57 documented cases of HIV seroconversion among healthcare personnel
* The cost of needlestick injury follow-up in the U.S. per incident is around $3,000.
* Accident follow ups cost the US medical industry $1.2 billion annually.
* Annual treatment for contracted diseases in the US is $1.8 billion.
* A total of $3 billion is spent annually in the US on needlestick injuries.
* In the United Kingdom the number of reported needlestick injuries has risen 49% from 2002 to 2005 (Article – The Times), presently estimated at more than 100,000 per year.
* Thousands of Australian hospital workers suffer needlestick injuries each year and the incidence is increasing.

Global Legislative Outlook

* The United States already has OSHA legislation in place requiring the use of safety injection technology.
* US military planning a policy shift to safety technology
* Spain has begun mandating use of safety technology with a 3-5 year implementation period.
* EU Legislation is pending due to a ground swell of protest from healthcare workers who are concerned about the risk of suffering bloodborne pathogen induced illnesses (eg: Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV / AIDS) as a direct result of needlestick injury.
* In the UK, the NHS is assessing all suitable safety technology. The transition to safety devices began in 2006.
* Australia and Canada are reviewing policies and are expected to mandate safety technology in the next two-three years.

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